Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So I told him.

"I unfollowed you. I had to. I just couldn't deal!"

C: Why?
M: It's just best. I just can't take it.
C: Ok yeah then... you should.
M: Maybe one day I can follow you again. But now. Today. I had to unfollow you.
C: What did I say?
M: Nothing... I just... I can't.

This Morning - me on twitter

M: Good Morning @Crab!
C: Good Morning @Diana

Later - He calls

C: Did you follow me on twitter again?
M: Yeah I'm good now.
C: WTF. I don't understand what I did to make you unfollow me. Was it my friend?The one that said hi to me?
M: No. I have no idea what it was. But when I read your timeline, a feeling came over me and I had to unfollow you. This morning it was gone so I refollowed you. I think I will just continue to follow and unfollow as necessary. You'll just keep getting emails "@Diana is now following you"
C: *laughing* if you keep unfollowing me I'm gonna block you! Well I'm going to go to Starbuck's until lunch. I'll call you after lunch.
(He is the sole reason for the Occupy Wall Street Protest - People Getting paid to hang out at Starbucks! UGH!)


  1. I had a similar convo with Rabbit over Facebook (I don't Twitter, and as far as I know, he doesn't either). I was on his friendlist for like two hours, and I just had to get back off. I just couldn't. He's got too many female friends. Pretty ones. Pretty ones he works with and who hangs with his crowd so he sees all the time during the week. Pretty ones who leave cutesy flirty messages. Messages that he always responds with Hon or Beautiful or some other effing pet name that he calls me as well. AND I LOST MY EFFING MIND. So I deleted him and told him and we haven't talked about it since.

    I just lost my mind for a second again.....

  2. Why such a big insecurity with the social networks? A question for the both of y'all. I've read your reason Laki but still don't see why you haven't moved past it?

  3. Well we know I want to keep Crab in my pocket where no one can look at him unless I take him out and say "see... ain't he the finest?"

    But mostly I hate seeing him call people love and such. In my mind he only calls me love because he loves ME. Even though I know he calls everyone love. I like to pretend Love means me!