Thursday, July 7, 2011

EXcuses Volume 1

My ex comes up with crazy excuses. He is the king of excuses. Okay so every other week I will be posting my ex husband's excuse for not taking our son for his weekend. Now for about two months he was riding with *** drumroll***

Bed Bugs

He knew I wasn't fuckin with no damn bed bugs. He got that off!

So what you ask was the excuse he gave me tonight? *** drumroll please ***

"I had a small stroke today. I will be seeing drs all weekend". O_o

**Chris Brown voice ** I'm Done

God forgive me if its true (but it ain't)


  1. Ok, really dude? Really?! bedbugs? Strokes? Lawd.

  2. So... Did he really have a stroke??

  3. No. he did not. I was able to come to this conclusion with certain clues. All of his test came back normal. Other than the numbness in his left leg no other stroke symptoms. Then he kept saying he was still in pain from it. He had a herniated disk. It was probably from that but genetically he is inclined to lying (his mama is a liar) so...

  4. LOL @ the Chris Brown voice.

    I'm the same way, skeptical as hell, even when it's possible that someone COULD be telling the truth (even though 99.9% of the time they aren't)