Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Real Spot

The Spot.

PIC and I were looking good. I switched my style up and it was a win!

When we walked in they were playing house music PIC had to go to the bathroom and I posted up at the bar to order our drinks. The group of guys to my left were looking and then one spoke. We chatted. He was funny. We'll call him Disney. There was one dude that looked fucked uuuuuuup. Then he went behind the bar.  I'm thinking he should not be so fucked up at work!  I saw this dude Fab I worked with a million years ago and he bought me another drink.  We talked and then he asked if I was with the owner. I'm like who and he says Pras the owner...  that was the fucked up dude who went behind the bar. I told him no dude was just getting us drinks.

Well some good music came on I looked at Disney he looked at me and we both had the same idea.  Let's Dance!  Now ask me if any was dancing in there. Nope. But we were feeling it and we daaaaanced and he twirled me and spun me and we just had a good time!  I asked him if he had a girl he said yes.  I said that's too bad.  So back at the bar I started talking to another dude.  He was cute. Quiet and laid back. But not shy cause he was definitely throwing out vibes. Staring and when I'd catch him he'd still keep looking at me dead in the eye. It was sexy! We talked. Shared pics of kids.  He has a set of twin girls.

So anyway. Me, Disney, PIC and Pras danced and a good time. Pras kept the shots coming... Bitches were hating. We were laughing. We make a very good team PIC and me.

Eventually I noticed her outside on the phone. Then i noticed her just outside. I went and checked on her. Looked like her dude wanted her home so we left. I exchanged numbers with Pras and the other dude and them took PIC home.

I called Crab. This is a good post so I will not discus that.

After I dropped PIC off I realized I'd left my card at the bar. I opened a tab but didn't end up having to pay for anything! I went back to get it and ran into Pras again. He was all "I love you. I want to have babies with you". I laughed hopped in the car and went home.

I had a good time. I'm glad I've decided to venture out!

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