Monday, April 4, 2011


So this morning I had a bit of an emergency and had to wake Crab up out his lovely sleep to save me.  I get to his house and he came right to the door.  And just like in the movies. I swear I saw rays of light beaming from behind him and he looked absolutely scrumptious. His lips were all juicey looking and he seemed to have a glowy look to him. He smiled and pointed to his mouth and I lost my breath for a moment.  It was like in the movies where someone's lips are moving but you don't hear them talking. So I went and did what I needed to do and swung back by.  The door opens

BAM! AGAIN. I think I might have heard angels singing this time.  I tried to speak but I stuttered over my words, not even caring so much that the words poured from my mouth in an incoherant pattern.  I said thanks and spun around and jaunted back to my car, feeling a bit high from my mini trip to what felt like a heavenly realm on earth located at the top of the driveway right outside of his door.

At a stoplight I pulled my phone out. I texted

How do you look so good first thing in the morning?!? Crazy...

Bzzzzz.... "I better find your lovin.." (yup still the same ringtone.  I can't change it.  It gives me butterflies)

C: What's up?
-Nothing.  Its just... how do you look so good when you wake up?
C: What are you talking about? 
- I don't know you just... you were like glowing...
C: I was telling you I cut my mustache off. I messed it up while I was shaving.
- Oh...... is that what it was? 
C: yeah. I pointed to my mouth...
- Oh.

Yeah. So heaven was actaully a grooming mishap.


  1. HA!! That's funny. I remember an old boyfriend of mine shaving off his little 'stache one night and not telling me. I've never seen him without it. I was asleep and he woke me up to show me and I just remember seeing this HUGE ASS GAP between his nose and upper lip. Not heavenly.

  2. Lol. Thats cruel to surprise you with that. I had a boyfriend shave his facial hair and his head. It didn't look bad but all of the sudden I got shy with him cause he felt like a stranger.