Thursday, March 17, 2011

On another totally crazy note...

I so have dysmorphia! I always feel extremely obese and Ugly. A lot of the time when I look in the mirror or at pictures I have to pretend that it's not me. Because I think I'm less hard on myself if I pretend it's someone else

This is me (minus my face of course)

(sidebar - I don't just take random body shots. My friends and I always send pics of our outfits before we go out for preapproval. I'm sure you ladies probably do too. I always cut my head out though)

But unless I think of it as some random person this is what I see

I gotta google it and see what I can do to make it better.


  1. Yeah...your body is amazing. Go seek help!! <3

  2. It said medication and counseling. That could interfere with the rest of my crazy which I prefer to keep. I only self medicate so I'm gonna keep dealing with it as I have.

    @alovelydai thanks for the compliment. You have no idea how many push up bras and tank tops I wear at one time to achieve that look! Lol

  3. I agree w/ Alovelydai. You have a great body! Therapy is good for us all. Everybody needs somebody.

  4. Girl WHAT!?! I'm trying to get to the size you are now! LOL. There's nothing wrong with you!

  5. Thanks all. I'm kind if concerned now cuz I wasn't fishing for compliments or anything. Just sharing another aspect of my nutty behavior!

  6. wtf?...someone need to get your ass a new mirror cause obviously you've been looking at yourself through a funhouse mirror.

    stop tripping.

  7. Girl you are tiny!! I feel you though, I'm super skinny & sometimes I feel that I look way bigger than I am...I think it's normal for some women to feel that way. My friends yell at me when I complain of my's not big to them but its big to me lol.