Monday, March 21, 2011

Catchin the Vapors

I think that there are different levels of attractiveness. For men and women. Some men are attractive because they are:

Muscular (wink)
cuddly looking
smooth looking (wink wink)
smart looking

Some women are attractive because they are
classy looking
sweet looking

But there is one level of attractiveness that gets straight hated on by women who are not in that arena


Why do women hate on other women for being sexy?!?!?! She got her titties out? So what they aint your titties, what do you care? Her dress is to tight? So what, it aint your dress, what do you care? Her skirt is too short? So what? They aint your legs out! So what do you care for? I find it so annoying. I'm watching Love and Hip Hop and Jim Jones' girl is hating hard! And it is obviously because Somaya is sexy. Chrissy is a cute girl. But Somaya is Sexy. And she's talented (on some level, she seems to have her head on straight) If you asked me who'd I hang with first it would be Somaya. I like sexy chicks.


  1. women don't like sexy chicks because they are intimidating. maybe not because they are more attractive. or because they are "showing it all". moreso, because they aren't afraid.

    it's a "she looks good and she knows it.." the insecurity isn't there. and a lot of women hold themselves back from being sexy due to their own insecurities. so as soon as they see a woman with confidence they start throwing the mortons...season.. & epson salt.

  2. Wow. I never thought of the fear factor. I only thought of the hateration.

  3. Girl, we will be the reason for our demise because we can't be happy with what we have because we're too busy worried about other folks. It's not disease and drugs that will kill black women, it's ourselves.

  4. I think it's a confidence thing, I know when I'm feeling a little self conscious I tend to talk shit about other beautiful women. But when I feel on top of my game & I'm walking around with my held held high...bitches be hatin!! HARD! LOL

  5. @Poppy I know thats true. But I can't say I talk shit other women because I think I'm very friendly unless you are some chucking swearing crab. Then not so much. And my man girls and i always compliment and point out things we like in other women and have no problem telling them. But I talk to and compliment sexy women all the time. Especially if I notice a lack of confidence because I've been there... And go there often!