Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Procrastination Post

I should be cleaning but instead I was just reading a post over at CG's and one part kind of stood out to me. The part about how after being with someone for a while you begin to see their flaws and I guess your love is lessened for the person. I don't know but I've always loved the things about people I'm with that annoy me. I know that seems to make absolutely no sense. But when I love I love hard and totally. I love the flaws that make you who you are. I always smile a little because whatever it is that person just did that I find to be strange or irritating reminds me that they are who they are and they are who I love. And if I find that i don't love your flaws I know that I don't love you like I thought I did. I mean maybe its just me. Maybe when I fall I'm just stupid in love. But its when I don't love your flaws and I hate to see you smile the love is gone. I don't know...

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