Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On Time

Libra Feb 22 2011
Have you ever wondered who first thought of bottling water? We have become quite used to paying anywhere from a dollar to several dollars for a bottle of drinking water. Yet all we have to do is turn on the tap and collect water in a cup. But through the magic of advertising, water bottling companies create a mystique about that most ordinary drink. We have been seduced into believing we are getting something pure and natural that we couldn't possibly get on our own, while in reality most bottled water is quite mundane. Don't fall for hype today when a person with a knack for spin approaches you. Use your common sense.

So i swear this was the right thing for me today. Its right there. What am I complaining about?

I swear im not bipolar. Really. No really im not...


  1. Reason #33 Why I Love Knowing Other Libras:

    I read this exact same horoscope at about 3:30 this morning! I was checking updates on my Blackberry and saw it. I forced poor Easy to listen to it and help decipher it.

    I decided by tonight that the person I had to watch out for the hype shall remain un-named. But by using my common sense, I was not fooled by her we're so happy routine. I know the truth!

    But I'm glad it also helped you too.

  2. completely has nothing to do with anything but... im sick and have been spitting up the most disgusting shit into a random water bottle i had in my car. Well, i had a dream last night that i threw it in the trash and watched a junkie grab it out of the trash and sell it to this woman for a dollar so that he could buy some crack #trueshit :/

  3. @cece I'm not even sure how much i really believe in astrology but sometimes its a hit and just gives you the reinsurance that you need to keep keeping on.

    @khaki omg! That is gross and hilarious at the same time!