Saturday, February 12, 2011

G's Law

I have a new law. Like Murphys Law.  Its called G's  Law. Bitches who don't deserve shit get shit.
Chicks who do... Get nothing. Especially nondeserving chicks with fat asses and thick thighs who also seem to have their own set if rules. I unfortunately have neither so my life simply follows the first law.

Doesn't seem fair right... I know... it doesn't... But life's not fair. My daddy told me that.


  1. G's law seem to apply to a couple of people I know in my life. I still can't get over how they are involved with emotionally & legally unavailable men but are still getting showered with so much love, gifts, quality time spent and yet I'm still playing by the rules...and still single. I just don't get it. I really don't.

  2. Yeah it pretty much sucks. Guys like crazy chicks and bitches. Then they knock them up and sit around talmbout "My baby's mother is crazy... she mean... I think she's evil". The bitch was like that before but her ass was faaaaaaat!