Friday, February 11, 2011


Hey!  Its DrunkMe.  I'm at Crab's.  I'm mad at him. He pissed me off and he didn't even have to. 

I think I was right about everything I said in Unloveable.  Fuck! I wish I had never erased that shit.  I wish I could reread it to remind myself that some chicks will always be the side chick or the option.  People talk all this love shit and I honestly believe that shit is not meant for certain people.  Until those certain people its not meant for (me) believe it isn't in the cards for them they will always be unhappy and disa-fuckin-pointed.  People need to know their place and stay in their lane.  I think sometimes I let the dream get in the way of reality.  Fuck it. It is what it is... and I will always get myself back on track.  Fuck all this love, in love bullshit.  That shit is an illusion.  The only person in this world I can be sure truly loves is myself.  Eveyone else is questionable. I don't believe it.

Expectations make you weak. I won't expect shit from anyone.  I have to remember the only person I can count on is me and sometimes I even let myself down...


  1. Part of me is tempted to ask what the hell happened but I get the feeling it's best to leave well enough alone. Fix yourself another drink and keep on trucking.

  2. Ah.... Just a little Grey Goose induced melodramatics. That's all. It's nothing I can't work through. I explaine it breifly today though so read up and enjoy! lol