Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hair Journey

So I have a post loosely inspired by the one and only Naturally1908 Monique! I know she's on that Natural hair care kick. For years I've just been on a haircare thing and it really worked well. I had stopped using store bought shampoo and started making my own with bonners and oils and aloe. Boitin and MSM like crazy. I moisturized and sealed as if my life depended on it. CoWashed Cowashed Cowashed. And my hair was beautiful. It had grown. it was so healthy. I didn't have to perm very often because caring for my hair kept it so manageable!

Then... One day... I said "Diana... you should go get a doobie and a trim." Well at that time I was still on my plain Jane flow so I didn't wear contacts. I sat down took of my glasses. Now I can't see anything without them. Chick said "You want even?"

"yeah yeah even." This B cut all of my hair off to the shortest length that I had Inches and Inches off. I felt something strange but I had no idea! NO IDEA

Doobie finished put on my glasses and headed home. Later on that night I combed my hair down and was shocked to find I had a shapeless chin length bob. YES! Hair past shoulders to a chin length bob. I cried. And then I gave up. No more co washes. No more moisturizing and sealing. I think I even used brown gel! THE HORROR! I just let go completely.

Eventually I said I gotta stop... It'll never come back doing like this. And I started back. I didn't go as hard as I used to but I moisturized and sealed and cowashed. And my hair is growing so nicely and it's so healthy and I'm on the road. By this time next year I will probably be back to wear I wanted.

I have very thin hair so I really want length so I can then do lots of layers for fullness. But I know I am on the way and will probably be without hair crutches within the next year!


  1. Ha! All I care about is healthy hair - permed, natural or otherwise. That's all that matters and if brown gel gets you there *slides you bottle of brown gel* then to get slathering. LOL

  2. NOOOOOO..... BROWN GEL IS EVIL. That is when I had hit rock bottom of I don't give a fuckness. I don't use gel at all. Only mango butter.

  3. Maybe I'm spoiled because I have thick hair, but I've never been afraid to change my hair.

    I agree that brown gel is the devil. But length is over-rated. I can't remember the last time my hair was past my shoulders. I cut it far too often to try some new style I've been thinking about for a few months. Curly, afro, twists, spiky, If it's short, I've tried it (except a mohawk).

    But of course with the locks now, I dream of doing all the cool things women do with their locks when they're long. Only time will tell is my scissor-happy hair personality will make it that far.

    But I'm glad for you that you almost have the hair you want again. Hasty hair decisions are always drama from long-hair women. I'm glad you made it through.

  4. Oh I'm totally cool with short haired me too. Since 17 I would do a Big Chop every few years. But when I decided to go for length, a surprise big chop really killed my hair spirit.

    Thick hair would be such a dream. My hair won't even hold a curl when I have length. It just falls right out