Wednesday, December 24, 2014


New day and I'm regrouping  I went to the office did a bit of work.  I went home and took a nap. I was up until about 4 am with nervous energy.  Since I was stressing I had to think of a new marketing plan to make me feel proactive. I gave my client some Mortgage Providers I keep in my pocket to see if we can try and save this deal.

So I thought of a new marketing Strategy.  It's a project but I think I should have a big portion done tonight.  I told VIP and he was like


So I think my sleepless night wasn't for naught!

Since I'm in a feast or famine business and I'm just now working my way out of famine there will be no Christmas.  It's sad.  I feel sad for MINI but he knows that as soon as I close a deal he is going to get spoiled rotten! He's not going out empty handed  He's getting gifts from my parents.

I feel pretty fucked up about it

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