Sunday, December 14, 2014

Di Miserables and The Dream

I started a new career last year.  I think  I told you about that.  First with MD.  That went downhill fast.  I finally got my head on straight and went to a reputable company.  the last few months have been a bit of a dream.  This is how it happened....

Cue dream sequence wavy lines style circa 1990 sitcom

So I started at W in November of last year.  It was another try at what I assumed would be my next failure.  2 weeks into joining the company I went to the yearly awards brunch.  My thought was "Why am I even going to this shit.  I probably won't even last here 2 months".  While they were giving awards there was this tall gorgeous dark haired guy... let's call him VIP who got ALL of the award.

The award for greatest dollar volume goes to ....  VIP
The award for most number of transactions goes to.... VIP
The award for most listings goes to.... VIP

And on and on and on

I truly was in awe of this guy.  He was like 6'4.  Thick Jet black hair and piercing hazel eyes.  And he seemed so nice!

Well I found out that he and his mother worked as a team.  Their signs were ALL OVER on the most expensive houses in the area.  I was so envious.  I so wanted to be on the team.  But they were a mother and son team, THE VIP TEAM.  So that was a never!

So I worked like a dog last year.  Doing everything I could to make a name for myself.  Everything I could to be seen as a hard worker.  One day my office Manager  JDUB called me and said he got a call from VIP.  He needs someone to do a favor for him.  Would I be willing.  Uh YEAH!!!!  Of course.
It was nothing big.  Just an Open House.  So I did my very best.  And guess what.  He was impressed.  He asked again and again and again.  I never got to meet him, but he got to know my name!  One day I walk into the office and there are red carpets leading towards the entrance and balloons.  When I got inside I asked what it was all about.

"VIP is coming by the office.  Apparently JDUB had told him if he'd switch offices to ours he'd roll out the red carpets for him."

Everyone rolled their eyes.  Except for me! I was so excited!  I was finally going to get to meet VIP in person!  And I did.
And it was anticlimactic.
He said he's stop by to talk to me before he left.  I don't think he ever did that day.

Then one day JDUB called

J:  Listen  VIP wants to know if you can be his assistant on his team.  He'll pay you 20 hours per week.  Think about it and let me know.
M:  I don't need to think about it.  Yes!

This meant a lot of inside information on building a successful business for myself!  Of course I want to know what and how he does what he does.

So with the very first meeting VIP, JDUB, MOMMA VIP and I sat in a room.  We discussed some of the things that I'd be doing for him and then MOMMA VIP spoke...

"It's not going to work like this.  She'll be seeing too much sensitive information"

My heart stopped.  It was over all before it began.

"She needs to be on THE VIP TEAM."

If my heart had started beating again it stopped again.  On the team?  On THE VIP TEAM?  WHAT?!  My dream was to be a part of this team!  I tried to just play it cool. Nodded my head.

As we left the meeting I shook MOMMA VIP's hand and said "I look forward to working with you." to which she replied

You won't be working with me.  I just retired.  You and VIP are the team now."



I swear to you this sounds like some lifetime movie shit and it's not it's true.  I'm living my dream. Money is starting to roll in and I can see my financial future looking very very bright!

On another note.  Crab still isn't working.


I don't mind so much.  I know he's been trying.  Or not.  Who knows....

I don't like him very much right now.  Almost not at all

I love him.

But I don't like him

More later....


  1. welcome back.....missed this blog

  2. Thank you!!!!!! I hope to write more often. I really need this blog as an outlet.