Monday, July 29, 2013

MD and Mrs. Jones, Mrs Jones, Mrs Joooones

Okay Okay Okay....

So.  When I started working with MD he introduced me to Ms. Jones who used to be his driver.  (MD has drivers)  So she would come into the office just to use the computer.  Sweet older lady.  We would chat and laugh and all.  So in the mornings I often go to McDonalds and sit and have coffee and take calls and post my listings etc so I wouldn't just be sitting in the office by myself.  So Ms. Jones saw me at McDonalds one day and started coming and having coffee with me every morning.

So after we got comfortable with each other she began to talk about MD A LOT!

"He's such a narcissist"

"He's never going to leave his wife"

"You don't need a married man"  to which my reply was "I don't want him."

(I'm pretty sure you can tell where this is going)

So I would tell Crab about all of these conversations and he would tell me "Don't tell her anything.  She definitely fucked him"

So as time went by and the conversations continued she seemed to be becoming more angry and resentful and I realized Crab was right!  There was just too much of anger and one day she said "Don't let him fool you I wasn't his driver."

Me being the type never to ask questions I didn't even pursue more information when she threw the HUGE hint at me.  I just decided "Less is more" in this situation.  Secrets are better left to those involved.  I don't want the responsibility of knowing their secret.

So the other morning Ms Johnson calls me while I'm sitting with MD and he starts doing the slash to the neck sign and saying "Stop talking to her!"

So when I hang up the phone he says

"I want you to hear from me. I fucked her.  A long time ago.  Now she's trying to see if I'm fucking you.  Just Stop talking to her.  I fucked her daughter too. But it was a long time ago so don't let it bother you"

So I said "I'm pretty sure when we walk down the street I pass at least several girls a week that you fucked." To which he replied "Yeah you're probably right" SMH

But, it wasn't a long time ago....  I can tell by the stories Ms Jones tells.

I can tell by the way she stomped out of the office when MD announced he was taking his wife on a 2 week vacation soon.

She says "You see how he tried to rub it in your face?"

I'm like "He didn't try and rub anything in my face.  Why would I care if he took his wife away?"

She was HOT!


He just can't help himself.  He just cant.

And I've realized through the stories she has told me about his childhood about how he felt unwanted and how he cried to her about his parents shipping him off for other people to raise him that...

He has a shit load of self worth issues.

It explains a lot of his arrogant pompous behavior and his need to belittle people.

Whelp! Thank goodness he's not my problem.


  1. and I wouldn't ever let him be your problem again. You don't need that in your life

    1. Nope! Never was my problem... never will be! Guuuuuurl... I saw trouble a mile away years ago! This the name MD (Mr. Dangerous)

  2. Wow. I watch guys like this in movies, but I don't think I know any in real life. Her and her daughter?? WTH???

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    2. Laki he is an entire movie. A trilogy!

  3. I know I am suuuuuuper late but ummm....yeah. I agree with Laki, this dude sounds like a character out of a Tyler Perry movie lol. And how old is his "driver?" And why does it sound like she's still yearning for the "D?" So many questions....