Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 3 My First Love(s)

Day 3 My first love

Well I'm not sure what was first and what was love.

There was Buddah a family friend of ours.  Our moms are BEST friends.  Like, those best friends that can't stand each other but love each other so much that they just deal with each other.  It's bizarre.  Anyway.  I loved Buddah.  He was so cute to me.  He was fat but I still thought he was really cute.  On my 5th birthday I decided I wanted to kiss him so what I'd do was kiss everyone after I opened their gift.  So of course the first gift I opened was Buddah's.  It was barbie doll clothes.  A leopard print dress with some hot pink heals. I gave Buddah a kiss on the cheek and then everyone was all "ooooooohhhhh...." then the next gift was from this dude Strings.  I looked at him and scrapped the whole kissing thing.  I'd already gotten what I wanted.  He was my date to the wedding I went to last summer.  Y'all remember that.  The one Crab was supposed to go with me to?  He was sweet.  He came straight from a flight from Paris.  I had on a dress.  He had on Jeans and an NYPD Tshirt and
Yankees cap.  But that was OK (pretty much everyone there we'd grown up with so no one cared).  He showed up for me and that meant A LOT!  I was mortified that Crab had basically stood me up so Buddah (who knows Crab) really made it better. Buddah swept in and saved the day.  He even held my hand!

Then there's Clog.  Again a family friend.  At cookouts when it would get dark, we'd always sneak of and sit under trees where no one could see and hold hands.  Just hold hands. That's it.  But he was special to me. He is LOADED now.  He's an extremely successful Real Estate Broker in the city.  LOADED!  He also acts very gay but has a girlfriend.

Then there is Bishop.  My high school sweetheart from 15.  I met him at an Essex Catholic party.

There were Three major all boys private schools
St. Benedict's - The Upper Middle Class Boys.  From the usual clique of Dr, Lawyer, Bankers kids that I grew up with.  My brother went to Benedict's.
Seton Hall Prep - White Boy private school. Homeboy went there.
Essex Catholic - The Bad Boys.  The Hood of private schools.

Bishop and I danced all night all nasty grindy like.  And he had on Joop.  From that night on we were a pair.  I still messed with other people and so did he but we still loved each other.  He was the first dude I blessed with my gift and I guarantee you I was good that first time.

Well we did this off again on again thing all through high school.  I really did love him though.  He was a year older so he went to college before me.  He was REALLY smart.  Straight A student.  But he was cool and got mad respect.  And he was bald during the ONYX days (Slam!  duh duh duh..) Anyway  So he went away to college and stupid me went a lost my virginity to someone else.  I told him.  It was terrible.  He forgave me eventually but said he'd never take me back.  Years and years later we ended up messing around but he still never took me seriously.  Then he found a girlfriend and stopped speaking with me.  But I loved him.  I'll always love him


  1. LOL. I couldn't pick just one! (typical me though right?"