Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 1

Day 1 Introduction, Recent Picture and 15 Interesting Facts

1. I can twist my arm around and scratch my own back.
2. I love candy.  Not chocolate.  CANDY.  Candy candy candy.  Like a kid, I love it.
3. I throw up a lot.  The following things make me throw up.  Processed Cheese, hot dogs, any type of    melon, milk
4. I am an artist.  That's who I am on the inside.  On the outside I am a Real Estate Analyst. I wish I had two more hands I'd give my job 4 thumbs down.
5. I wear gray and black A LOT!
6. I used to have a huge shoe collection.  Then my husband threw out one of each shoe.
7. I'm extremely anemic and have to have I.V. therapy once a week.
8. I smoke but will never let anyone see me smoke so most people have no idea b/c I hide it like crazy.  I'm ashamed of it.
9.  I hate amusement parks.  Just not my thing, you know.
10. I hate sand and being in the sun, thus I don't like beaches.
11. I love vodka and I like it straight.
12. I write how talk.  Exactly.  So sometimes my sentences sound awkward but I'm from Jersey.  We have our own way of talking that doesn't necessarily translate into writing.
13. I live about 20 minutes outside of Manhattan and I almost never go into the city.
14.I'm cheap.  Like super cheap!
15. I'm messy!


  1. Ma'am how u just do half of the day 1 lol

  2. Hey Momma... What kind of artist are you?

  3. @Sunshinestar110 LOL. Ok I will edit with a picture? Really? Sigh... OK can I leave the picture up for like just a lil bit and take it down

    Hey IC! I draw and paint and anything. I'm just artistic. It's genetic. My entire family on my mother's side is.

  4. I'm cheap too...don't know how it happened but my friends make fun of me all the time for it.

    I majored in art in college. It would be cool to see some of your work. Just a thought. :)

    1. Yes. Crab is constantly making fun of me. We're an odd pair. I hate spending more than $20 and he buys $200 bottles of cologne! But he smells how I imagine heroine feels (I mean it must feel really good by how people look in the movies when they take a hit)

  5. where is your introduction, I can understand the lack of picture but damn no hand, toe or new shoe.
    glad that I already love you.

  6. LOL! I felt funny doing an intro cause y'all know me. I'mma put up a picture though. I will. In a minute.