Monday, April 2, 2012

Question time - clarification needed

He's like oxygen to me. It's crazy. I just want him him him all the time!

Anyway... I've been way too tired to blog.  But I've started my I.V. treatments again today so hopefully I'll have more energy soon.

I've been spending all of my free time at Crab's.  We eat and sleep and watch movies.  And have sex.  Yup. SEX! And its goooood. And it's got love mixed in it.

Question for you guys...
When you have sex with someone you love and you let yourself feel love while you are having sex is that making love or is making love just the real lovey dovey mushy kissy slow sex?  Can making love be regular sex with feelings of love?  Let me know cause I don't want to ask him and I don't know.


  1. Welp, I'll go ahead and let you know I am THE LAST person who'd know the answer to this. I can't help but think, though, that the whole notion of love as we see it in movies and music videos, the type of lovemaking that's slow and sensual with beautiful music and rose petals and allathat, not only doesn't truly exist, but it sets up us women for huge disappointment. Rabbit and I were talking about some movie previews on tv and Nicholas Sparks and all of his completely unrealistic portrayals of love and romance and I was telling him that that's the problem with us women nowadays. We expect for our love to be like that, and when it's not, when real shit happens, we freak out and ultimately let the relationships suffer and die. Like, real love has fighting and conflict and sloppy sex and embarrassing moments and I think maybe "making love" should incorporate all of that. It's when you let you guard completely down and are able to be your raw true self during your most vulnerable time (naked) is when you can call it "making love." So maybe it's not romantic or beautiful. Maybe there's some giggling thrown in 'cause you pulled a muscle going reverse cowgirl, or one of you farts on accident, but you keep going 'cause you're having fun and it's with someone you love so there's no inhibitions. That's what making love should be. When you're with the person you love, and while with him in that moment know you love him, making love is whatever you two are doing at the moment. Even if it's some freaky porno shit. But what do I know? That's jut my two cents ;)

  2. well...I believe it to the connection of your mental in the physical. There is something in the connection that just feels different.From my point of reference. With my ex who I still love very much though he is my ex... I could feel the love in every stroke. It was intentive, powerful, passionate. We fucked but I could feel my emotions in the physical. It never really seemed like it ended and somehow I felt closer to him. It was just different in comparision to a jump off (ie, dude that I was just fucking). The lust over powers any sort of real emotional connection due to that not being their role.

    I hope this provides some sort of clarification though I am alittle tardy.

  3. Okay... So I think I was probably making love then. Still gonna take me a little bit to really do it but I think I took a step.