Thursday, March 8, 2012


I'm kind of not feeling very free right now with the blogging now that Crab has been all nutty about my past posts.

Anyway.  So I'll see Homeboy tonight at the gym.  On Tuesday I found out that this week is the last week of boxing and Mini only had one class.  But homeboy paid upfront for him to have 2 private lessons and brought the boxing coach (is that what they call them?  coaches) over to me and told me that anytime I wanted to come I could and he would give Mini private sessions and Homeboy will pay for it.  When I was about to leave he wanted me to stay so he could introduce me to his father, but his dad was on the weights and I didn't want to disturb him.  I told him I'd meet him today instead.  His dad is hot.  I just needed to put that out there.  Dad is... Mmmmm.  Mmmm.  Before I left I decided to mess with him a little bit and was all  "Gimme a kiss".  He started stuttering and laughing and blushing and was like "In front of everyone?!?!? I mean... I never really... I mean...  right now?"  and he was just stuttering and then I started laughing and told him "I was just kidding!"  Then he started laughing and saying "No.  No.  I'll do it. I'll do it" And I was like "Naaaaaw...  I was joking Homeboy."

My ex-husband (or husband if you wanna be technical) called me saying he was gonna get evicted today. -_-
I don't know what wanted me to say...
I told him he better call his brothers ASAP.  Then he said where am I gonna put all my stuff.

"Storage" was my answer

He got mad and hung up

How are you getting evicted when you make more money than me and pay $400 less than me in rent?  And don't have a kid.  I'll tell you how.  You mooch off of a woman for 10 years and then have no idea how to manage your finances and pay your bills when she leaves your dumb ass.  While I'm begging you for money to help with the $175/week after-care, you are smiling showing me your new 60in flat screen.


  1. That was hilarious and cute at the same time. Why is this guy still technically your husband?

    1. Because I never got a divorce

    2. whatcha waiting on sis? just curious - not really trying to be allin your business but really?

    3. Freckles I tell y'all aaaall my business so...
      Um.. when I left him I was unemployed and I packed up my car and my son and left with basically nothing. Since then I've been just trying to climb out the hole. Spending money on divorcing him has never been at the top of my list. But it is definitely there now!

  2. Forget everything in this post and lets focus on this picture. LOL I am so stealing this.

  3. I cracked up reading this as well. Funny stuff :)

  4. LOL. What goes around comes around.


  5. ahhh... ok. I see. I appreciate the clarification. thanks boo!!!

  6. All late and thangs...Super funny SpongeBob pic *copies*. Men! the nerve! But umm get on that divorce for your own protection cuz dudes are so shady these days.