Monday, March 26, 2012

"Hey..." "Hey..."

Technically I didn't get to see Crab yesterday.  Except when I was on my way out at 9:45am and kissed him goodbye.  Of course we talked through out the entire day.  Mostly we continually update on what we are doing.  Many conversations sound like

-What are you doing?
-I was just watching this show then at 5:00 I'm gonna eat but I may fall asleep before then
-Oh Ok.  I'm about to put some clothes in the wash and then I'm not gonna do anything
-Ok well I'm here


-Yeah It's 5:15 so I was just calling to make sure you were up and to see if you ate yet
-Yeah I'm about to eat a sandwich
-Ok call me back when you're finished


-I just finished eating
-Oh OK

I didn't put Cs or Ms cause they are interchangeable.  And of course we have meaningful convos in-between these but we do this ALL DAY!

But I like it cause it's nice to know he's gonna call within the hour at some point.  Even Mini said yesterday as he sauntered out of his room... "Call Crab and see what he's doing"

On another note.  Several times when we were having our recent rough patches he said that I'm a very sexual person and called me a deviant.  Several times.  I've never looked at myself as being VERY sexual.  Actually I feel less than most people.  Like I don't like talking about sex.  I shy away from very sexual conversation.  It makes me uncomfortable.  I don't like sexual jokes.  I am offended by what most would consider adult jokes.  And I definitely never considered myself a deviant.  But whatever.  But then I was thinking, I can't be a deviant by myself.  So if you participate in my sexual deviance aren't you just as devious as me?

We were watching porn (as we often do) and he says "You see her.  She's bad...  I've seen her have no problem with giving head but as soon as dude goes to kiss her she looks like she doesn't want to.  Like she really has issues kissing but none giving head.  That's crazy right?"  He looks at me.  I just sip my drink and look over the top at the glass at him and I think I could help but smirk a little and he says "Nevermind.  You already answered.  I always get the broken ones".  I cracked up.

Then we made beautiful love!  It was pretty much on the same scale of MD.  But with someone I loved which is why I will not go into detail.  Just know I'm still smiling and have not an anxiety attack in over 24 hours!  (That's big!  Because I have anxiety attacks ALL DAY LONG)


  1. let me just say that I am super sexual. comfortable with it and love talking about sex though I do not believe me to be a freak because there are some things that I am not into and I am not always submissive and I am not really wild. NOT THAT YOU ASKED FOR ANY OF THIS BUT SHIT...Im just sharing.

  2. That's so funny. Because I think I'm beyond a freak. I guess he's right. I'm a deviant. But I don't really like talking about sex that much. Whenever people talk about it I shut down.