Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Gym

So we just got back from the gym.  I like it! Mini likes it too. I happen to know parents of two of the kids in the football program. They also have boxing.  But the dilemma came when the boxing coach called me over and asked if I was putting Mini in boxing which is at the same time as football.  So get this.  Homeboy said he didn't have to choose and would get Mini private boxing lessons so he wouldn't have to pick one.  That Homeboy.  He's so generous all the time.  He tried to pay for the gym membership but I wouldn't let him.

So Mini came home and threw on some work out gear and has been doing sit-ups and push ups and can't wait to go to the gym.  I'm gonna see if Homeboy will spend a few minutes with him tomorrow because I'm not sure this kid can even wait until Tuesday.  I'm sure he will.  He seemed so excited for Mini to sign up. And said he thinks he should come more than two days a week. 

Shhhhh.... listen... as we speak Mini is feverishly searching for his mp3 player.  Shh... shhhh....I was supposed to charge it for him but I forgot.  So I hid it.  I'm the wooooooorst! Lol shhhhh.....

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