Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Sometimes (most of the time) I have weird ass dreams!

I had the strangest dream the other night that Crab and I were in a cheap motel.  We had five kids.  The two youngest were around 6 months and maybe a 3 weeks old.  Crab was on the bed holding the 6 month old.  The older kids were kind of running around/watching TV.  I look on the floor and notice our 3 week old was on the floor spitting up milk and choking.  So I run over to the baby.  He was a little itty bitty thing. I pick him up and start giving him mouth to mouth and he turns into a cell phone.  On the screen was a little red headed white boy and every time I'd breathe air into his mouth (by putting my mouth on the screen) his cheeks would puff up with air.  Then I'd do chest compressions by pressing on his chest on the screen.

That's where it ended because Crab woke me up to go to work.

Last night I had a dream that I woke up at Crab's house but I didn't remember ever going.  I woke up and my childhood friend was there with me.  She was a wild one when we were in high school and she never took anything seriously.  When I woke up I was like "How'd I get here!?!?"  He told me I showed up at 3:25 in the morning.  I looked outside and there was a security car in the driveway.  You know, like a mall security car.  I kept asking if I'd driven it there and neither one of them were taking it seriously.  She was just running all over the place not paying attention and he was laughing.  I was getting really pissed and I kept asking if I'd driven the car over but no one could give me an answer.  I knew I hadn't been drinking and was worried if someone had drugged me or something. But Crab just kept making jokes about it and I was so mad.

Yeah that was last night's dream.

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