Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tippity Tap Tap Tap Challaaaaaange...

Yall remember that Cosby episode at the tap dance school with Sandman from the Apollo?   Tippity Tap Tap Tap...Challaaaange!

Because I'm Sick of myself.  JUST SICK OF ME, I'm going to do this photo a day challenge.  This way I have something else to talk about other than my dysfunctionalism (I believe I made that word up according to Microsoft Word, **sips Martini while looking over the top of reading glasses**).  Homeboy suggested I take a break from blogging.   I think I just need a break from whining and complaining.  So  I saw Gorgeous Pudding is doing it so I'm gonna do it too!


  1. i hate that I am so damn behind. I try not to commit on everything though I read everything. i swear we are friends in my head.

    Looking fed to all the pictures.