Thursday, February 2, 2012

Good Fella

Well... I'm getting to know Homeboy a lot better lately.  He's really starting to be dare I say it... consistent!  I've learned something about him...

He's a a genuinely Nice Guy.  You know?  Really sweet.  Really caring. 

He's starting to make plans.  We're going sneaker shopping for the boys Saturday.  He's making plans for us for future things.  He wants me to come to this job function with him.  I like that.  I've always wanted a man to come to work functions with me so for someone to ask me to go with them means a lot to me.  His dad is in politics and just got a new appointment in the state's sports and gaming commission so he got season tickets for next season's Giants and Jets games and comp rooms in Atlantic City. So he suggested we go to AC overnight.  I'm born and raised in Jersey and have never been to AC.  And quiet as kept I always wanted to go with a guy so I never went. So the idea of going with him is exciting!

And I don't think he means to be inconsistent. I think he's just a young single father that is kind of in the same boat as a lot of single mothers as far as time and energy is concerned.

I'm back... he just called

Its confirmed. Homeboy is Mr. Nice Guy.  I guess I never got to know him that well before.  But I'm getting to know him now and he's that type of guy you say you want but then go for the bad boy instead.

I've had enough with bad boys.

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