Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oh Well...

I know watching people sleep is creepy but... whatever, I'm watching him sleep and watching his chest rise and fall while he breathes and thinking how much I love the heart that is in there beating.
He keeps waking up and telling me to close my eyes and go to sleep but I can't. I wish he could love me like I love him.


  1. First lemme say I kept getting a blank screen when I would try to comment/read comments. I'm glad everything went well.

    I don't think watching people sleep is creepy. Well, as long as you're not plotting on smothering them with a pillow while you do it. :)

    So what happens if he doesn't come around to loving you like you love him? Are you gonna deprive yourself of that happiness indefinitely?

  2. Hmmmm strange Mia. I wonder whats up with that!

    Absolutely not! I am totally open to dating. I just don't find many who peak my interest. I go out a lot. I meet people. Just never that interested. After the no visit I'm pretty much like dude whatever. I love him. I love him sooooo much. But I'm not gonna waste my life away. I told him this recently when he spoke on taking issue with me going to dinner with this guy and having a male friend over. He understands though.

    I also gave him a more realistic view of my feelings for Homeboy. I'm sure he thinks I'm just trying to make him jealous but that is far from the case.

  3. Blogger and my laptop seem to be getting along ok for now. *crossing fingers*

    I know what it's like to hang on longer than I should have. At the time I was so afraid to let go because I didn't know what was on the other side. Well, frankly, I was afraid there was nothing on the other side and I honestly didn't think I sincerely deserved or would ever have better. I wish I'd had the courage to let go long before I did but I appreciate the lessons I learned. I'm not saying that's the case for you but I can tell you that a lot of what you say about Crab (and Homeboy too, really) echoes what I found myself saying about Jackass Past. Either way I hope things turn out in a way that's best for you and your lil one.

  4. I think part off the thing with Crab is he's mu best friend. My best best friend. He picked me up when he met me, polished me offand helped me become confident and smarter to things. He is true to me despite what I do. (I'm no angel here). As o type I'm waiting outside the spot for him to come get in the car so er can go to his house for the night. It's just piss or get off the pot time for both of us (thanks Nony)

    Homeboy is just one big disappointment after another. I told him that tonight too!

  5. It doesn't take all day to recognize sunshine. Hopefully he'll wake up and see the sun very soon and if not, you'll share your light with someone who deserves it.

  6. Ok I was tipsy writing that. I don't even remember writing that!
    @Mia yeah I know it'll happen one day.