Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A little about nothing at all

I really have nothing to say.  Very busy at work trying to get everything cleaned up for the 2 weeks that i'm gonna be gone after the transplant surgery!  So stressful.  It just feels weird to know that everyone is gonna be all over my desk looking for things.  I have a lot to do.  I know I appear to be illiterate with all of my typos but I'm actually rather smart  and have a pretty good career! I handle Retail Real Estate for 5 states for a MAJOR phone/cell company.  So  imagine every store in NC, SC, TN, AL and GA.  It's A LOT of work and to think of what isn't done yet, what is halfway done, what will need to be done...whew!  If I was just leaving that would be one thing.  But to know I have to come back I want it perfect!

Mini and I have been playing Just Dance 3 A LOT and I'm SO SORE!  Which is great because I have 15 lbs to lose.  Crab says that I need to stop being so numbers obsessed but I know that when I'm 145 I FEEL more comfortable. It's not the number but it's what I know the number feels like.  I looked great (in my opinion) at that weight.  My ex said I looked like a crackhead but he's a hater!  I realize you have to do what makes you good.  This dude this weekend was all... You look good.  glad to see you put some weight on.  Whatever man.... so I should feel uncomfortable because other people don't like me thin?  Whateva man!

Crab invited me over yesterday to just hang and watch TV with Mini.  But we both know Mini is like a superball and would not just chill so...  But I made us dinner.  His favorite is my meatloaf.  So I made him Meatloaf and I made corn too which is another of his favorites which is now one of mini's favorites.  They kind of have the same tastes in food which is good!  and then today I was saying Mini needs a new coat and some new sneakers and he said he's come with me to get it.  I hope he really does because as we see he does a lot of telling me he's gonna come with me without actually coming with me.

On another note I met a producer on NYE that asked me to be in a video and/or model.  I know... I know... it sounds like a pickup line but he was legit.  Crab laughed.  I was like "Whatever.  He could have legitimately felt I was pretty and work well in his video".  then when I said I wasn't interested he was like "You should see about it.  It could be good exposure."  O_o For what...?  I'm not trying to expose myself for any particular reason.  My mom wants me to see about it too.  Maybe I'll give dude a holla!

Anyway that's my little update.

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