Friday, January 27, 2012

Cake cake cake cake...

Awwww man.  I thought I was being honest y'all.  Didn't I think that?  Didn't I tell y'all well I'm being honest with Crab right?  Id always say I told Crab. 

Well apparently not.  I guess this is where arrangements get sticky and I guess things are blury sometimes huh?  Crab not so happy. Crab apparently has been holding it in he says I bullshit him about Homeboy and that I have lied.

I don't think I lied. I don't think I have been all..."I really like Homeboy and I want to be with him if he'd just get it together." But I have been like "I told Homeboy he had to prove himself this time."  Which I thought implied the latter.

Crab has one good point.  Can he do what I do?


Id have a shit fit if the shoe was on the other foot.  I would FLIP OUT. But I don't think it works the same way backwards as forwards.  Because I would be with Crab.  Its Crab who doesn't want to be with me. I should be aloud to go fill in blanks because he's the one who won't fill them in for me.  He however should not fill in anything because id readily do that!  I told him its not fair for me not to be able to satisfy myself other places.  He told me I better not fix my mouth to even say the word fair when I run around doing what I do trying to secure something else before I end it with him. 

Listen.  Cakes are for eating.  You should have your cake and eat it.  But if your not gonna eat it let someone else have a peice.  But you shouldn't be allowed to get another cake.  I'm the only cake!  Me only damn it!

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