Thursday, January 5, 2012

Brain Break. Not my usual kind of Brain though

Ugh!  I'm frantically trying to clean up everything at work so that there are no big problems or "What the fuck is she doing?!?!"s while I'm gone.

I gotta do my hair this weekend so I don't look crazy in the hospital.  I gotta make sure I have my makeup packed nicely.  I'll just bring a small pallet with me which should do.  Along with... OKAY.  I'm bought to share with you all my favorite product of all time

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Clear Gloss!

First of all it's super shiny without being A. Sticky or B. greasy!
Secondly it makes your lips super big!  Like "HEY Look at the big juicy shiny lips I got. Hellllllloooooo"
It tingles.  One day Crab called me from the train on his way to work and was like "I was sitting here wondering why are my lips tingling then I realized it's your lip gloss!" Yeah baby... That was just a little reminder of me I left for you ON YOUR LIPS!

Ok I'm gonna get back to work.  My brain was exhausted.  It needed a break!

Psst... (Whispering) Between me and you, and you, and whoever else is reading,  I do secretly hope Homeboy comes to the hospital to see me.


  1. Good luck!! How long are you gonna be in the hospital?

    I can't use any lip plumpers... They're too damned big as is. I think if I did I'd be all lip and no face....

  2. I'll be there a day or two depending on how I feel. Probably just overnight.