Saturday, December 10, 2011

Protect Your Neck

So yesterday PIC called and wanted to got out.  Apparently she had met a new dude and wanted me to go with her to meet up for drinks.   So knowing that I said I wasn't going to be out of control and all I called Crab.

M: PIC wants to go out tonight so I'm going out with her.
C:  So.  Go.  You don't have to tell me.  You don't have to check in with me go.
M: I was just telling you...
C:  You don't have to tell me anything.  I don't care what you do.  You could say your going to the moon and I'd be like "see you when you get back"

This is what pissed me off.  Why so asshole-ish?  So I wanted to show him just how much he did care.  But then I thought about it.  A lot of things are going super wrong for him right now.  Really bad... really bad... is now the time to fuck with his head?  Because he had an attitude?  No. That's selfish. Really selfish.

So later he calls and asks more details.  I told him all of the who's what's when's where's and why's.  He thought it was stupid that she wanted me to come along.  He said that dude was probably bringing a friend.  I told him no.  I told him I usually do my own thing when we go out.  I like talking to new people, guys and girls.  He said "I wouldn't know because I've never seen you out". (Not true but... whatever).  We talk some more he told me not to get drunk and call him and text him over and over. I told him "I'm not going to be thinking about you.  I'm NOT thinking bout you". And he whatevered me.  So we end the convo.

Later I'm in Toys R Us letting Mini pick his bday gift and talking on the phone when he calls.  I answer. 

C: yeah I just wanted to call before you go out and tell you to bring protection with you tonight.
M:  Like a knife?!  I don't have knife.
C:   (laughting) No! A condom.
M: oh please.  I'm not trying to fuck.  I just want "one man... one man only" - in my Will Farrell Blades of Glory/Niggas in Paris voice.  I'll try and call before I

He laughs and says.  I was just joking.

Mmmmm hmmmmm. Yeah he was....

Long story short. Well long story a little bit shorter we ended up not going out and I ended up talking to Crab off and on all night.

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