Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is Homeboy Back?

So I called him back.  Initially he called me when I was just getting to date night with Mini.  He was like "you STILL do that?!"

It was pretty loud so I told him I'd call him back.

Here's the thing about Homeboy.  Although he was so flaky, he's the only one I was ever really interested in other than Crab. I find him extremely attractive.  We can talk and laugh.  And did I say how attracted to him I am.  Yeah.  I'm pretty attracted to him.

When it comes to family and power and status we are on the same level.  Actually his family (grandfather is famous and I'm sure you would all know who he is) is probably a little higher in status.  When people found out we were seeing each other it was like "oh that's perfect."

Sigh... what would I do.  What would I do if he stopped being flaky.  Could I have it all?  Could I have EVERYTHING I really wanted?


  1. If he stopped being flaky, then OMG, I would say go for it and never look back or feel even a pang of regret. I was dating a guy who was so much like Crab, all the way down to the painful lack of a relationship status. Then my fiance came back around swearing things would be different this time. When I felt like he had proven it was worth taking a shot, I did with no apologies. Crab-like dude told me how stupid I was being and how in a year's time me and the comeback guy wouldn't be together. Well, that was 13 months ago and now I'm just 59 days from my wedding, so hell yeah, I'm glad I took that risk. It was a calculated risk though, I didn't go diving headfirst off a bridge because he called me once.

  2. Oh yeah no! Never. Diving head first. Besides you know I'm scared to even put my feet in to test the water.

    Congrats on the wedding sweetheart! From what I remember it seems like once you were ready for a relationship with him it all fell into place nicely.

  3. I wasn't around for this Homeboy character, so tell me, did he make you feel the same way Crab does? Did you get that same deep down feeling?