Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Who Doesn't Like Free?

The day went just fine. I picked Crab up from the train. We hung out for a little bit. Everything was (seemed) cool. We talked about the extra twitter. I told him I was bored with it and wanted to delete it. He agreed. It was fun for a couple of days.

Ok. So. I don't have the best judgement or make the best choices sometimes. Especially when it comes to getting free food and drinks from random men. I like free things. And I hate paying to go out. I never spend money when I go out and if I do, I'm pissed. Sometimes when it comes to getting these things I don't think about the reprocusions. Like Men expecting a followup phone number, or them not leaving me alone and guarding a two foot radius of my body like a pitbull, or offending the person you are involved with (Crab) by flirting in front of them just to get drinks and food.

So there is this guy, Shorty. He's a really nice guy. Like super nice! And I met him about a year ago at the Spot and we talked for a long time. I see him from time to time and we say hello. Well Saturday he chilled and talked to me and Sis the whole time we were there. We live about 20 minutes outside of Manhattan and I mentioned how I never go. He said that he'd take us to the city (that's what Jerseyans call NY) this weekend. So he and I had exchanged emails last year so he emailed me and said Friday. I talked to Sis and she's down but that's when I started thinking... I have no intentions with Shorty other than to get a night in the city for free. He's cool though! I wouldn't mind being friends. But... that is sticky. Is it worth it? When Crab and I got back to his house Saturday night he asked about the convo with Shorty. He remembers him from before. I vaguely remember telling him Shorty wanted to take Sis and I to the city. He said he didn't see why he would want to take us both and reminded me that dude may be interested. I called Crab a few minutes ago and told him about my self assesment. He said it isn't too big of a deal especially since I've taken note of it myself. I agree. So I'm going to stop getting free drinks and food from people. o_O (I'm even giving myself the side eye)


  1. Lol...I like free drinks and food too, but I never accept them from men because like you said, they always expect something in return. Its sad, and it sucks that you have to second guess someone when they make what "seems" like an innocent offer, but that's just how things are.

  2. I like free drinks (food, no 'cause that's too close to a "date") and I know this might make me sound some way, but, I'll take it regardless of what I think his intentions are, even when I know full well I ain't into him. I used to feel bad about it, but I figure if he's gonna be givin away drinks anyway... And I know how it can get a little hairy if you're man is the jealous type... But I tend to not date the jealous ones for long anyway. I put the kabash on that ish as soon as I see it.

    And c'mon now, a trip to Manhattan?? So you're not going then? You can spin it in your favor, you know. I mean, he's takin both you and your sis, right? So it's not like he could expect to get busy, as long as you attach yourself to your girl's hip the whole night.

  3. You know.... I pretty much takeLaki's standpoint. I'm like... aint nobody ask you for a drink. You did it. And if I'm drinking and you offer to order me something to eat... i'll have the Thai chicken Satay thank youo very much! And it isn't as if he doesn't know my situation. I think he even has a great deal of respect for Crab and how good Crab has been to me. He told me the other night that He thinks Crab is a great guy and I'm lucky to have him so...

    Yes Laki, I'm going...

  4. I said the same thing once before about free drink s and food but it didn't work out too well now i'm jut very selective of whom i accept those things from..I usually have a whole speech to go with me accepting whatever they offer or send me..lol

  5. I just don't accept them. I can't deal with the attitude after. If I don't have any intention of fucking with you there's no point in me indulging your advances.