Sunday, November 6, 2011


Ok so... last night two mistakes

Mistake #1 I went to The Spot.  Now we all know I pretty much am banned from there. Every now and then I get a pass for special occassions like birthday dinners for people I know... things like that.  But I'm not supposed to go. I went. On top of that I didn't tell him I was going so when he was walking up to the door.

Mistake #2
There I was outside talking to a dude.  He walked past me without as much as a head nod.  I told dude I was talking to "that was my man!  Oh he's mad.  I gotta go". So I went back inside and sat my ass down.  He was angry when we got back to his house.  I pled my case.  He said I should have told dude he was my man the second I saw him and said "Hey Baby" before he walked past me.  I told him that I did tell dude he was my man but Crab felt that I should have done it right then and there.  Too little too late.

Granted the whole scene was shady I was tipsy hanging out at his place in front with a dude with obvious flirting going on. But I pled my case. Then we moved on. Insert last nights breakthrough post.

Today. He stalled on me coming over. I'll call you back in a minute.  When I pressed and said "don't you want to see me?"  He raised his voice at me and said "What did I say?!"  I waited two hours. Finally he calls. 

C: yeah
M: Mini will be home soon.  What you didn't want to see me?
C: No I didn't

I pled my case some more.

He didn't believe me.
At all.

I hate when people I love aren't happy with me. Hate it.


  1. Awwwww I see you Nony! Yay!

    I guess we are couple-ish.

    I'm not taking it as any kind of confirmation though. But we operate like one. Our conversation tonight sounded like it when he was saying he didn't have a problem with me going out as if he is entitled to have a problem with those things.

    But I'm not gonna ride with it.

  2. I'm glad I certainly couldn't just ride with that. You can't be jealous of someone that you don't even want to be with exclusively unless you're the one stopping the entire thing from happening Diana.

  3. I meant I can't just ride with this incident and what was said "He's my man" as being the determination that we are a couple.

    The jealousy thing. Truth be told I WAS DEAD WRONG. That's all there is to that. He's mad b/c he said I'm bullshitting him and not admitting I wasn't just chatting with an old friend.

    Why we aren't together? I don't know. I think there are a lot of factors to it. I would be with him in a heartbeat. But he has his own reasons. I think part of it is my inability to show real affection. We have some issues sexually. (Really we do. Those again have to do with me and normal things I can't do) But we are working on it. And then factors that he has to work on in his life. I know he loves me. But being with me right now is not what he is prepared to do. But we can't let go of each other. We love each other. We don't have many arguments or fights. So when things go smoothly for the most part and the love is there it's hard to make a break.

    I love him with every single itty bitty peice of my heart though.