Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You Got It You Got It Bad

For those of you who actually read my tweets you already know that I'm having the hardest time concentrating today. I thought maybe a little blogging might help. You know how you just really want to tell somebody something and then it wont haunt you anymore? Well Y'all are my somebodies!

I'm not sure that these studies of how many times men think about sex in comparison to how many times women think about it are accurate. I think about it about every 4-5 minutes. NO LIE. And I only think about Crab! I have flashbacks. All day. I wish I could have a simple way to record it. I would never remember to write it down. There are too many moments. Today I keep thinking about yesterday. Yesterday I kept thinking about Saturday/Sunday.

I've been thinking it was probably easier to concentrate when I used to go see him every morning before work. Then maybe I got to handle that early so I would have to think about it all day. It really is a problem. It's like I wake up from these daydreams and have no idea how long I've been staring ahead blankly (Blankly. Word? Not a word? I don't care...) Like have I been sitting here 30 seconds thinking about his face when it feels good? Or was it more like 5 minutes thinking about his face. How my hands feel on his chest. The ripples down his stomach. How I went further down than I ever have yesterday. Did he feel it? I think he did cause I think I heard him feel it. I yawned last night. I haven't done that in a long time. He likes it when I yawn. He can't tell when I'm doing though. But I can tell he feels it. Or the angles. He was on some angles I've never had before the other night! Two thumbs up CrabMan! Sigh... You see. This is ALL DAY LONG. Then sometimes it will move to Love. I think about how much I love him. I might even get a little teary eyed (cause y'all know I be emotional and crying and shit). This is all day everyday. I can't concentrate. In a couple of days it will be 2 years since we met. See... Out of nowhere... Who the hell was talking about when we met?

I got it bad...

HEY! I just published this and came back because....




Anyway. So my birthday is Friday and so far I know that Sis, Echo(can't remember if I gave her a nickname but I'm sure we've mentioned her. She's one of my best friends) and Angel and I are going out. Echo is simple. Not simple stupid. Simple easy to please. So when she asked where we were going to for my birthday her suggestions were Olive Garden or a Fundraiser for her daughter's dance school. My answers were No and No. Anyone who knows me knows I despise Chain restaurants. Red Lobster, Olive Garden, TGI Fridays, Applebees, Outback.. I could go on... No? Ok. You get the point. So Echo and I talked a little bit and decided to go to the Hibachi place for the b-day. I told Crab and he was all... No. He has some places in mind and that he wants me to have fun for once. He still hasn't told me what these places are. Chances are my ass will end up at Arirang Hibachi on Route 22 just like I said...

Angel wants to go to the city (NYC). Angel, I don't think I've mentioned before. Angel is a friend of Echo's. She's Drop dead gorgeous. And she hangs with celebrities and video vixens. She's invited me a couple of places none of which I've actually gone but I promised to go to her New Years party! I think it's going to be a good time. Crab said he'll come

-_- We shall see

Anyways... I'm thinking that she be my next pretty broad to hang with. But I will have to increase the cash flow b/c hanging with Angel will be more expensive than my usual spots. But I'm sure Angel definitely attracts drinks! She's so pretty! But I'm thinking is that messed up to become hangout friends with a friend of a friend? I mean she introduced us and is always saying she wants us (the three of us) to hang out. But Echo has a gang of kids. She can never go out. Her husband doesn't let that happen. Plus she's homely looking. But she's simple so she doesn't realize it anyway. But would that be foul to start hanging independently with Angel? BTW Crab has his own opinions about Angel. But we can save that for another day.


  1. The flashbacks...yea, been there sister. I feel you ALL DAY on that one. :)

    Wait, so is Crab going to hang with you and your peeps or was he planning a solo thing with the two of you?

  2. Um I have no idea what he had in mind. What I decided to do was wait until next weekend to do something with my friends b/c this is not a pay week and homegirl needs her hair done like.. bad! So instead I'm gonna something else that I want to do. I told Crab to think of some of his favorite movies that he keeps saying "You gotta see ________" and we are going to watch movies amd I'm gonna have the Red Velvet cupcake I've been wanting. I just want to relax with the the person I want to be around the most.

    Last weekend no drinking? Nowno partying it up for my b-day? Did I finally hit that "calm down"? Hmmmm