Wednesday, October 19, 2011


What the fuck did I doooooooooooooooo?

The only thing I can think of between saying good night and when he stopped answering my calls was some dude that I talk with every morning on twitter sent me a Good Morning tweet and twitpiced a picture with his shirt off. I was all
"nice tat"
Because that shit was AWKWARD! Like what do you say? I wasn't gonna be all "NICE PIC!" so I just complimented his tattoo rather than him.
And I called another dude Relly Cakes
And I told my brother I loved him and I don't think he knows that's my brother.
But if he had called and said something he'd know that:

1 - The pic was unsolicited and awkward
2 - Rell is like a little brother to me.
3 - That other dude is my older brother who lives hundreds of miles away. Who he is well aware of and I've shown him a picture of him before.


Good Morning Crab

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  1. You two are stressing me out! Y'all need to talk, get things out there. If he stopped talking because of this he obviously has feelings too, chica. Need me to mediate? :-)