Saturday, October 15, 2011

I know how to keep you awake Baby...

Hey yaaaaaall. Nothin. I got nothin!  Lol.  Went to my Crabs yesterday.  I fell asleep.  Me falling asleep at Crabs shall not become a habit.  But he was ironing and doing his OCD folding.  He could give a seminar on how to fold your clothes perfectly so that they are all the same size and don't tip when you stack them. It'll have to be a 2 day seminar.  Day 1 blankets and sheets topped with pillows.  Day 2 Advanced Clothes.  I already took part one. I'm mediocre.  I see no difference in my folding and his.  He's sooooooo OCD. When I was falling asleep you know what he did to keep me awake.

"You're falling asleep.  I'm about to go outside. Ill be right back.  Vacuum the rug so you don't fall asleep."
-_-  So anyway I slept until he was ready to leave. (after vacuuming) When I got home he sent me a text that The Spot was wack. Shoulda stayed with me. The head isn't!

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