Thursday, October 27, 2011


Today I had a hard time getting into things.  Well not that hard. But hard enough.  Sometimes I can get a little bored.  When that happens I'm all "I'm boooooored. No offense or anything. But I'm really getting boooooored."  Today it was just like I doing it all HoHum.  Then something clicked and I got into it.  Yeah I'm bored.

The first night the huge dildo came out he kept saying "You're bored huh?  You bored? You bored now?"  So I have not mentioned my boredom as of yet.  I probably will next time I have a free weekend I will mention my boredom. 

Maybe I will break out a new corset outfit for him and see if I can get some good action.  The last time I tried on my blue one it was too big and my poor tatas would sadly sink down into it.  But I have since chubbed up. So maybe I can manuever my chubbyness into a way that the girls sit nicely.

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