Friday, August 19, 2011

Untitled... including the problems of no title

So me and MzP aren't taking.

She got tired of me making fun of her and telling her what a dumbass she is. (I do that by the way. I'm the crack up in your face type of friend) I guess the last straw was the article I sent her about gang violence on the rise in the city and the innocent victims. She was maaaaaaad.

And I don't care. Cause she's so worried about getting some kid she barely knows a lawyer while her and her kid are sleeping in her car. Which I will let them do cause she's a dumbass. I'm not Captian Save a Hoe!

In other news my CrabMan has been going through a real rough patch. So I've been just trying to be supportive.

I have not been going out. More situational than anything. No sitter, hair a mess, nothing to wear situations. This dude I gave my number to a while ago has been trying but I'm really not interested. Well, I actually didn't give him my number. I gave him my email address. He's a nice guy. Attractive. But he's not my type personality wise. Not confident enough. And I'm not attracted to him.

My only relationship issues at the moment arise when other people in my life expect more. Like "Ask Crab to come to dinner with us." Or "Oh you aren't bringing Crab to the wedding?" Just recently I've been hit with a lot of Crab invitations. I usually brush them off but recently I actually extended the invites. And ended up feeling stupid for doing so. I got a lot of "WHY?" from him. "Why would they expect me to come." Kind of stung. Which is why I never extended in the past. He did agree to come to the wedding though. But the pressure my friend put on me about that was so hard to weasle away from. Usually I can brush it off but this time she was all I counted you as two damn it. You can't come by yourself. What's the big deal!?" So I broke and asked him to come. And he broke down and agreed to come. So that's 9/11 so I'll let yall know how that goes. I gotta get the percect dress cause standing next to the CrabMan is pressure wit his fine ass!

And I'm Out


  1. OMG, again, this post could be me. I can't really be bothered with other men because I'm so wrapped up in Rabbit, and I DON'T KNOW WHY. And my family is starting to ask about him more. I still refer to him as my ex, but I guess I bring him up more than I think, because the other night my mom asked about him, but referred to him as my boyfriend. The word caught me off guard. He's not. I have to keep telling everyone that. That's great that he's going to a wedding with you.. Usually that kind of setting will send a man running, so it says something that he'd go. And DEF rock an awesome dress. And drink lots of champagne!! :)

  2. LOL! I know why I can't stop messing with Crab. He is EVERYTHING I want and I LOVE him. Like LOOOOOOVE him.

    My mother refers to Crab as my "not-my-boyfriend-boyfriend"