Saturday, July 30, 2011

That's My Boo

I was a rough few days. Apparently they had 9 count drug and weapons chargers. MzP wa distraught to say the least. But then she got a phone call. It was from Debo's phone. But wait... it wasn't Debo. It was a girl. The girl asked what her relationship was with him.

That's my boo. That's my man. We're together.

Then the tells her she's in an open relationship with Debo. Well... they are just friends. They live together. No you don't MzP says. He lives with his grand mother. The girls confirms yeah, they don't live together.

The rest was just a series of the girls stating things that MzP says were obviously not true. So the girl says he's getting released and is MzP coming to court. MzP tells her that she can't she has to work.

"You work? Oh that's good"

So MzP hangs up feeling wonderful. This other girl obviously isn't in his life and respected like she is AND her Boo (I hate that word) is coming home. She felt great that the girl sounded like a loser and was even surprised that she had a job.

So I'm telling this mess to Crab and he says "That's a shame. She was happy the girl was a zero. But she's a three! The other girl doesn't have that Platinum Pussy."

I didn't tell y'all that did I? MzP has a tattoo in her thigh that says... you guessed it. Platinum Pussy.

So the saga continues.

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