Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The List

Well things are a bit boring at the moment. Nothing new.  I've been speaking with Homeboy here and there. Nothing big same as the usual. He needs to see me. We need to spend time together. I respond with bullshit homeboy, I don't even know why I speak to you... more of the same.

Eyecandy said I should go to the sports bar tonight because his boys were going to watch the game and it should be fun. No sitter and no money means no Lady Di at the sports bar. Too bad though cause I really like hanging with guys. Guys are fun!  We were talking about what I want in a man and he says its impossible.  I told him the only non-negotiable items are muscles and a good job. Here are some more

If he has kids they should be teenagers so child support payments are closer to the end.

Preferrably not an hourly wage because I don't want to hear about checks being short

He has to want to take me out and be willing to go out with my friends/family

Stylish. Dresses within his age bracket.

Clean cut.


Funny/sense of humour

Over 40

Under 50

That's it really.  I mean I can come up with more but the muscles and job are a must.

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