Sunday, March 20, 2011

The next day

Ugh. So sorry for the drunk over-posting! Still in a bit of confusion but I'm pretty sure that I'm disappointed. Oh well. I guess its like this, there are certain things that are hard to do. Like.... let's say.... honesty pacts. But uh.... if one person is full disclosure and the other person is partial, then then pact is null. Both people must be held to the same standards. And I am in no way saying that my disappointment is spawned from some huge reveal. Its just... the revelation seemed to be out of error and not honesty. And that hurt and disappointed me.

Oh well. I think I'm in a bit of a growth period and I'm going to be okay I'm sure. I'll be much better on the other side. Stronger I'm sure. I just gotta make my way through it and this time on my own. Not with any hand holding. I'll be a much stronger person for it.


  1. Whew, chil'! I can so relate. I just had a convo about growth and how it can be an ongoing thing to our advantage. Doesn't make it feel any better but you're always stronger and wiser for it. Hang in there, the lesson is always quick to follow :-)

  2. Yeah CG. I think it is necessary to constantly grow and reinvent as needed. And it just feels like it is in order.