Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Don't be chicken shit!

Um.  I love these times when I'm so satisfied.  I'm just at peace right now with where I am.  But then I have nothing to bitch and complain about.  Oh well...

Told y'all about Eye Candy right...? Well these chicks said not one word to him yesterday.  I was playing with his son though and talking to him a little. Just joking and being silly.  Now I have absolutely no interest in dude whatsoever. None. Zip. Nill. Null. Zilch. Nada.  And I have no intentions of trying for him.  But I said

"I'm giving you bitches two more weeks to make a move!"  Of course I'm not going to do anything.  Just joking with them.  So 10Spot decided to come back and put me on the spot.

"Your not gonna do anything!  You love Crab."

She totally caught me off guard!

"You might as well pick up the phone now and tell him you love him. Do it!" 

I'm like "What's that gonna prove?"

She kept pushing and pushing till she finally laughed and said "do it for me! I want to see what he says" Ahhh haaaa... so this was about noseyness eh? Glad I didn't fall for her trying to antagonize me into doing anything just to prove her wrong.  Sometimes if challenged I'm so set on not looking afraid that I do stupid shit "DB I bet you won't jump off that bridge..." and I'm like " oh yeah. Watch me!" Two seconds later..."uh oh..."

I didn't tell Crab about this though... I think id be embarassed about it. Lol! 

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