Thursday, March 10, 2011

And.... shenanigans back on!

So last night my cousin taped his comedy special and It was a lot of fun. Here's a bit of him hosting a show locally

Holla at me for a copy of the DVD....
He was on P. Diddy's Bad Boys of Comedy.

And if you're in the Philly area

Anyway. As PIC and I walked from the parking lot to the venue we were talking about her party. I told her that me and her "Friend" we'll call him Band, pretty much hung together the whole time. She was like "Band is crazy, he's stuck on this threesome thing. He has his eye on you!" So we laughed because it's nothing we haven't discussed before. Dudes asking us for threesomes is not new. I told you all about the time MD told me and PIC to come over b/c he's was having a get together and I got there and it was only him. It is something that is always brought up

Well anyway, at some point me and PIC were standing in the lobby having a drank... and we worked our way back to the threesome convo. I'm telling her how I want to do it but the only problem I have is I don't want just anybody because that's gross. I had met a waitress I was interested in and started talking to her on the phone and then the chick went and got knocked up! So in regards to miscellaneous choche PIC totally agree because we have had this conversation several several...several times. So I bit the bullet and said "Listen... we are just gonna have to figure something out." and she was like "yeah we are!". So this is good. I don't look at PIC like that but she's pretty, I trust her coche and her. She's my bestie! So I can totally try it with her.

Also... I ran into a Facebook friend Rome. He and I went to high school together, and I had the biggest crush on him back then. Then I had a total FB crush on him because we have the same taste in music and he writes the most thoughtful sensitive romantic things on his status. So anyway... I saw him, said hi, we hugged and then he walked away. I was like "WTF that's it?!?!?!" After I sat down he texted me "You're looking good. Dont leave without hollerin at me first" so you know me being the flirt that I am I'm all "Thanks and I had no intentions of leaving here without gettin at you first". So of course I'd made plans to hook up with Crab. He was just up the block at The Spot. He told me to call him when I was done. So the show ended. I looked around Rome and didn't see him. I was really trying to get to my Crab so I sent Rome a text "I'm out. Just call me sometime". You know I was trying to get to my Crab at that point. So I called him (Crab) like he told me to. Once Twice Thrice... Nada. So I went in my car and went home. Went I parked, his ring tone came on the radio. Ok I'm about to digress (I know y'all felt one of my ramblings coming on). Crab's ringtone is Drake - Find Your Love. It has been for a looooong time. I've change it from time to time but it never last more than a day. It's like that song is exactly how I feel. So the song came on and it made me sad because I really wanted to see him. I think I thought about how he doesn't ever choose me over hanging out and how unimportant I felt at that moment. I sat in my car and waited. I called one more time. Then I got out and went up

As I was putting my keys in the door the phone rang. Rome. I told him I had meetings today so I couldn't stick around after the show. He apologized for the brief hug and run but he was there with these 2 other chicks from high school (and I know one is a bit sensitive) so he didn't want to be rude to them. So we talked for a few and he said he really wants to take me out sometime. I said sure. He said he'd call me today and we'd talk more. I washed my face. Disrobed and climbed under the covers. No. I ate a piece of chicken first. That's when I started to feel drunk. That damned cheap ass SKYY Vodka. My head was hurting. My stomach was turning. Then I get a text from Crab.. He's ready. I told him I was almost asleep but I'd still come if he wanted. He called. we talked and he said it was cool go back to sleep. It was a disappointment not seeing him though cause I always want to see him and even more so last night. But there was no way I could have... OK I lie. I would have pulled it together and went if he said so.

Anyway I'm fighting of the effects of cheap liquor and looking foward to the fuckery I started brewing last night!


  1. HAHA SKY Vodka is soo cheap! The first time I got WASTED was from SKY & I peed outside an apartment complex while people were outside partying lol. Anyways, Crab or no crab you always have a man in rotation lol, good for you!!! haha :-) And dont you hate that? They say to call them when you're finished doing whatever, then when you call they don't pick up...then they call back when they know you're already in bed?!?! Men can be such asses sometimes.

  2. LMAO @ you peeing outside Popster!

    As far as the men are concerned I use them as distractions or sort of a chaser if you will. It helps dilute all of the focus my heart and mind have on Crab. And you must know I do not have sex. This Gem has only seen three men in over 2 years. And one of those (MD) was an ill decision.

    Not many men's minds work like women's. I think that they may not realize when they do things like that and what it makes us feel like. To them it's no big deal, to us it makes us feel like they were like
    Give me a large pepsi
    -We're out of pepsi
    Okay gimme a coke
    -Sorry we're out of coke
    Alright well then just give me a grape Fanta

    I feel like the Fanta

  3. "Wanna Fanta, don't you wanna wanna Fanta?!"

    Okay just had to get that out of my system. Anyway, I always love your stories. They sound so interesting and scandalous. I would not even THINK about doing some of this stuff without getting good and drunk. Therefore, I live vicariously through your blog. Lol

  4. Ok that was three men in 12 years. Not 2.

  5. @UBC I'm glad you enjoy my rambling. And that you think its interesting and scandalous. Could you imagine if I actually did everything that came to my crazy mind!? Also io missed out on my twenties. So trying too make up for your twenties in your thirties is dangerous because you have more options and chances for crazyness.