Friday, February 18, 2011


So... um I have nothing but some ramblage today.

One thing that has happened is I realized that Crab is always in my dreams. You may think so what? But I've never had someone have a reoccurring role. My dreams are usually just about me. Very rarely do people who are actually in my life make appearances. But he's in my dreams every night. If I'm driving he's in the passenger seat. If I'm laying down he's right beside me. If I'm walking down the street, he's walking with me. So I find this all very odd because I don't dream about people unless I have a sex dream about someone. And that's rare too. So it just is strange to me that this has been happening. It's been a couple of weeks now that he has been given the reoccurring role. It's cool though. It doesn't bother me. It actually makes me have a very peaceful feeling in the dream knowing he's with me.

Ummmm... what else. So I told you about the write up at work right? Well that day I got mad and sent out some resumes. So I went on an interview today and I'm pretty 100% sure it's in the bag. I have to go back Monday for some tests but it should be a breeze. Nothing that I'm not already and expert (toot-toot) at already. But it seems like a great place to work (they always do when they are trying to lure you into their corporate traps)though. The gym was nice and they gave me a tour showing me where everything was. They have a Starbucks and I happen to LOVE Starbucks and a CVS. And a couple other conveniences. The place is like a compound (which the affectionately refer to as a campus). Anyway... We'll see. It's a little more money a lot less stress and just altogether a better option for me. So we shall see which way the wind blows me in the next week.

I'm extremely tired lately which I feel is due to a combination of Not going to the gym which results in me not eating, which results in me not taking vitamins. My apartment is a mess and I'm not at all happy about that. Because when it's messy t throws off my balance and then other areas of my life become messy too. I need some gym time to get back on track.

And something else but I don't even feel like talking about that... -_-


  1. you sound like me. I have nothing but ramblings tonight. Whatcha doing this weekend, ma?

  2. Absolutely nothing. Next weekend is gonna be crazy. Both of my besties birthdays. Pole party. Party at a club (I'm not a club type of chick). Mini will be at his dads. So this weekend is strictly for keeping my butt home.

    What about u?

  3. Congrats on the *almost* new job!

    That's weird that you don't have dreams with other people in them. My dreams always include me and people that I know (and random celebs from time to time lol).

  4. SHANKS!

    Yup very rarely do I know the people in my dreams. And last night... More Crab in my dream. Go figure.