Monday, February 21, 2011


Ugh! More snow? This shit is ridiculous! As corny as it is, I've always wanted to be snowed in with someone though. Someone I like. (as opposed to my ex.) Cuddled up watching movies or something. I actually do things like cuddle in my mind... One day I will do it for real. Genuinely. Not as concession like with MD. One night I'd asked Crab to just hold me for a minute. He did. It was nice and it's burned into my memory. Like a flash bulb memory. I remember everything, from the lighting in the room to the weight of his body and his breathing. I remember how good it felt. I remember wondering how long was too long to hold onto him. When would it become weird. I remember saying something like "Ok that's good." because I was worried I was wearing out my hold welcome. lol. I rely on memories like that for comfort. Moments. I guess we all do though right? Memories of things we need? I wonder how long one can go using memories before memories aren't enough. Only time will tell huh?


  1. You can live off memories for a long time but truly its never enough. You need new experiences.

  2. Oh Lynn! I was so worried about you!

    @VIN I have issues with affection. Im not sure how to do it. Or when its ok. I don't know how to go about being affectionate. I'm Trying. I try to touch more. Now i want to try being touched. But it is easier said than done in my situation at the moment.