Sunday, February 27, 2011


I'm not sure who has ever been a truly dysfunctional person- but dysfunction is an addiction. There are highs that come with it that seem to make it worth it. I imagine its like heroin. Now I've never been nor do I know anyone that has done heroin. Any knowledge I have would be from watching A&E. its like the high was totally worth the trick you had to turn to get it. I'm not sure how long the highs last but however long they do that time is worth the rest of your time as a heroin addict and all the fuckedupedness that comes with it.

It doesn't take being the one to create this dysfunction to qualify as dysfunctional. But if you are just as addicted to the highs you are meeting the qualifications of dysfunctional. And if you always end up in dysfunctional relationships there is something that you are doing. I won't do the poor me right now because...

I am an addict.


  1. "Any knowledge I have would be from watching A&E." Too funny, I love intervention haha. But what you are saying is very true, some people are addicted to drama & dysfunction. I wonder if they have rehab or some type of patch for that.

  2. @Poppy - thanks Poppster. I think you're pretty darn hilarious yourself.

    I was raised in a family basically very Cosby-esque. So this dysfunction is not from my upbringing. But I have always found myself in dysfunctional relationships. And when i think of my recent episodes they are littered with loving moments. Mixing sick with love and its comforting. There is no other feeling like it. For some one to accept you when you've "been bad". Love when you're good is good. But love when your bad feels even better. twisted