Sunday, March 22, 2015


Things are good. Things are very good. Last night i sat in front of Crab. Dick in hand. And for some reason (probably the grey goose) I was talking about how exciting things used to be.  Talking about my collar and leash and then...


Yes!  There it is!  I've got my baby back! "Look at me" he says. ..


It's been a while,  so it wasn't as hard as I like it. My face should sting.   But at least we're back on the road to getting our sex life back.  Maybe I'll dress up next time.  

But it felt good.  I think we forgot the little things.  Like right before he asked me if I had any lip gloss.  I'd let myself forget about the little things that did it for him. I used to not even step in the house without freshening up my lip gloss for him.

Another thing is we touched all day.  Holding hands. Laying close.  I don't usually give affection in a general way.  But I have tried to lately.  And it works.  By the end of the night we were just waiting for Mini to fall asleep!

Friday, February 20, 2015

I have to figure out how to get things back to normal.  I don't think I can though.  I think that's up to him.  I'm pretty sure I'm angry inside.

The situation with his daughter who stole from him.  EVERY PENNY he had.  She stole every red cent out of his bank account leaving him with nothing.  And then I ended up having to pay for everything.  Well...

She now lives in the house for free
He watches her kids for free ALL DAY
Drives a BMW 5 series
Works on Wall Street
Gets food Stamps
Buys tons of designer clothes
Shops at Whole Foods

This shit gets on my FUCKING NERVES.  So now when he says he needs something, bread, milk whatever I'm like "You have to ask Her for it"

My thing is she and her kids haven't suffered behind what she did but me and mine have.  So I'm done,  Let her do it.  I'm finished.  Normal things I want to do fine.  But as far as carrying the whole load on my back.  Nope I'm done.  Ask that bitch...

I really really despise her.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

7 year itch

I think the 7 year itch thing is real! Hell, I had the 7 month itch when I was married!  I think I may not have been put on this earth to be connected to one person for the duration of my time. It's not like I want someone else is just that the thought of dealing with the same little annoyances FOREVER make me want to jump clear or of my skin and run screaming down the middle of the street.

 Little Things like....

Asking me several times what time I'm coming home when you know I have no idea.

Straightening the bed while I'm laying down relaxing.

Wiping the kitchen down while I'm cooking

Asking me what is wrong with my phone if I don't pick up the first time you call.  If I'm working and with clients you know I'm not picking up.

Making us embarrassingly late to every event ever!  Like every one.  Like not on time like eeeeeever!

It seems like to everyone else these are just things people live with.  To me it feels like


I dont even want to LIVE WITH someone much less legally bind myself to anyone. Like.... I don't want to have to pay to break up with anyone.

Is it just me? Do any of you feel like this or is it more of my warped behavior?

Disclaimer: I have my period

Thursday, February 5, 2015


You know what sucks?


You know what sucks more?

When people keep living up to the stereotypes.

You know, you dont want to be that person that stereotypes people.  Like, in my business ethics is a big topic.  No discrimination and all.

But... of course there are definitely stereotypes that we discuss.  Me personally I stay FAR away from speaking or consigning because it's a dangerous thing to get in to.

Those Wigglyworms are sneaky

Green Goblins are always trying to get something for nothing!

But here's the super fucked up part. You do the right thing and dont stereostype people.  You take people at face value and then they go and do the thing you were trying not to pin on them and you get burned.

The other day I was on the phone with an agent I'm doing a deal with.  Now I am one of those black girls that grew up with the "you sound white" BS. If you're like me then you know it can get you into some precarious situations on the phone when you speak to someone that you've never met before. Shes all...

These people are shady!  I swear they're always trying to get the upper hand on people! No seriously.  I knew one who was americanized and had a white husband and all so I thought things would be fine.  But no! As soon as we were in a deal she started with the sneaky shit.

AWKWARD (especially the white husband part)

But so far I'm 3 for 3 with the stereotype.  It sucks because I dont want to be prejudiced but I also dont want to lose control of my transactions by not preparing for the BS.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Amazingly the conversation came up. The other day he looked at me and said "I feel like I've given up."  I told him the whole cave scenario and he agreed.  Now lets see what happens.  I told him I'm not as good as pushing him like he is to me.  The difference is I'll take the push.  He won't. He will make excuses.  FOR EVERYTHING.  I explained that to him.  I told him he's a fucking nag.  I am not.  And I won't ever be.  So when I push he's got to move.  I'm not going to badger him because it's not in me.

On another note, he's becoming more naggy.  Sometimes it's embarrassing because I'll be around other people at work and he's all

"When are you leaving work?  I called you, how come you didn't pick up?  What time are you leaving?  What do you have to do?"

It's a little embarrassing.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Deal Dead

Whelp, one deal fell through.  We were so close.  So So close.  This is the dude who got taken in the ponzi scheme.  I'd found him a loan, he had a cosigner.  Turns out the cosigner's mortgage payments were more than he'd originally disclosed.  Wonk, wonk, wooooooonk.  DEAL DEAD.  But... I had another deal cooking in the background.  It sucks though because it was submitted by another agent so that cuts my commission in half.  But money is so much better than no money.

And then other dude that was playing hardball actually got all his terms!  We're Under Contract now!  Yaaaaay!

That's all that is really going on.  I'm cracking down on Mini.  He's not serious in school.  It's so hard for me because I was not that kind of a kid.  I listened.  I've got to get him together though.  A family friend of ours can get him a scholarship to a prestigious boarding school.  But not with comments like "Mini does not follow direction"

Le Sigh......

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Gotta keep it together!

So for the past 4 years Mini and I always get snowed in at Crab's house.  Anytime there was a storm coming we'd pack up our things and go hunker down at Crab's house. This time I decided to pass. For one, as much as I love the kids, I'd rather listen to 1 than 4. It was cool being snowed in with just the three of us. But seven people in a house? No thank you.  I must say, I've enjoyed quiet and onions while being snowed in. Yup! Onions.  Crab hates onions so I don't cook with them on a normal basis. I loooooove onions! So I'm enjoying myself. Made chili with onions, Turkey chops... with onions.  I have one more onion to use.. Turkey sausage with onions and quinoa. He won't try quinoa either! I'm in heaven! Nom nom nom nom nom!

I received a wonderful call yesterday. I'd ignored it like three times because I thought it was a telemarketer. Well it wasn't. Turns out it was a new client! He wants to purchase one of our listings. The amazing thing about that is to get both sides a huge deal is big! The commission on selling both sides of a $1M is equal to selling a $2M house. I hung up the phone and immediately started jumping on the bed.  But this is just the first step.  Things can always fall apart. Getting a deal is the easy part. Keeping it together it's another story!